Professional services for residential, commercial and rural properties

Busby Property Consultants specialise in the valuation of all types of property including residential, commercial and rural property. We have a broad range of experience and pride ourselves on our knowledge.

We provide Valuations for:  

Investment Advice

We act for a number of private clients and groups of individuals wishing to invest in property ranging from “buy to let” to mixed use and retail investments. We assist them with search, purchase and management of their investments.

Taxation Advice

We are professionally qualified valuation surveyors with considerable experience in negotiating with the District Valuer and HM Revenue & Customs and often participate in tax planning with other professional advisors.

Expert Advice and Litigation Support

We act as Expert Witness and Litigation Support specialists where property valuation disputes are likely to end up in Court. Our duty is to the Court and to ensure that the Judge has a clear understanding of the issues and what is “right”.

At Busby we act as expert witnesses, either appointed by one of the parties as Advocate or frequently as Single Joint Expert, in a range of circumstances to include valuations for litigation purposes, professional negligence claims, matrimonial and partnership disputes and taxation matters.

We have a good working knowledge of litigation and court proceedings and have undergone professional training in this area with recognised providers.

Countryside and Rural Estate Management

The service we provide is completely tailored to your needs. We can advise on all aspects of your property and land whether agricultural, woodland or amenity to include environmental issues, grants, tax and project management. In doing so, we can enhance and protect the value of your property whilst accommodating your personal preferences.

We do not operate outside our areas of expertise and will not try to, preferring to point you in the right direction if we cannot help.


Property advice in Devon, Dorset, Somerset & Wiltshire